The Snowball Effect

Ok students, what's the snowball effect?

a situation in which one action or event causes many other similar actions or events

Right, ok. So the snowball momentum was on our side when we were paying off all our (non-mortgage) debt , but with renovations it's proving to be a leettllleee different. Our plans once consisted of "We'll redo the bathroom, paint throughout, and refinish the floors before we move in" but have since snowballed into adding the kitchen renovation before we move in. We always plaannnned to redo the kitchen surfaces (cabinetry, counters, & tile with no major layout changes) this summer, AFTER we moved in, but it's quickly jumping higher on our priority list. 

Basically, the more we get into the momentum of renovating, the more Jeff and I want to have ALL the mess of demolition behind us before moving in. We first thought it would be fine to live in the rest of the house while the kitchen was tarped off as the messy work zone, but lets just say we've had visits from a few too many creepy crawly things and now my #1 priority is SEALING THE HOUSE. I'm on a mission to seal every last crack/crevis/hole because homegirl DOES NOT LIKE BUGS.

So, that means along with demolishing our bathroom, we're ripping out all the kitchen cabinetry to expose all wall surfaces so we can seal this place up. I also think once we can shift our attention to refinishing the wood floors, we'll go a long way to sealing the home off from critters. Aforementioned homeowner (who kept vacuum in attic) made other questionable choices...such as slicing right through the oak floor + subfloor to run gas/water lines for the hot water heater...which sits right on top of the crawlspace...and never even attempted to caulk those cuts. See also: drilling holes directly into precious oak flooring to fish cable wires through (also from crawlspace) and not sealing those holes either. Our house is full of holes ya'll and I'm determined to find and fix EVERY LAST ONE.

Exhibit A - Horrific bathroom "transition" where subfloor is exposed and not flush to adjacent flooring material 

Exhibit A - Horrific bathroom "transition" where subfloor is exposed and not flush to adjacent flooring material 

In other news, we started demo on the bathroom yesterday and IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. 

Here's Jeff being all civil and surgical removing the tiles:

But don't let that fool you- we plan to swing some hammers (safely) this weekend and really get into it!

By the time he had to leave for practice, Jeff made decent progress on the tile. We've heard horror stories of tile so cemented on that only a demolition hammer - picture a hand-held jackhammer - would remove them, so we were pleasantly surprised that they popped off with minimal effort (says the woman who didn't actually DO any of the tile removal.)  

But by the end of this weekend we plan to have the linen closet gutted (that monstrosity below on the right), have the wall tiles, tub, window trim, and vanity removed.

Bye bye impractically deep closet..hellllooooo bigger bathroom!

Bye bye impractically deep closet..hellllooooo bigger bathroom!

I also made solid progress on repairing/patching the bedroom walls but forgot to snap a picture (rookie blogger). The tropical blue bedroom is fully patched and sanded; the yellow bedroom was in much worse shape and still needs another bucket of patching plaster before it'll be complete. If all goes as planned that should be done by Friday night so I can turn my attention to removing the old baseboard trim, prepping the patching/sanding the perimeter as needed, and having these rooms paint-ready!

This house gets uglier with every bit of demo, but I realized last night that every surface of this place will be new and fresh: from paint to refinished floors, new vanity, shower, toilet, tile, new kitchen cabinets, counters, and even's going to feel fresh and clean when it's all finished. I just need to remember that next time a creepy crawly "friend" tries to scurry by me.

If you see a crazy lady running around wielding a caulk gun and spray foam insulation this weekend, don't be alarmed - just get out of my way.